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Hi, hello, welcome!

I’m so happy you made it here. My name is Chelsea, and this tiny corner of the Internet is where I share my passion with you. I’ve been cooking my entire life, and can always find serenity in the kitchen. 

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Baked Greens is a website dedicated to the simple, nutritious foods I love eating on a daily basis. No frills, no weird health-food ingredients, just the humble ingredients that speak to my heart and my palate and keep me coming back to the kitchen again and again. I want eating well to be easy for everyone, so I don’t over-complicate my recipes. Everything here is made with minimal ingredients and simple techniques. 

In short, I want to help you fall in love with healthy eating.

Over the past decade I started using more wholesome, high quality ingredients in my kitchen and ended up losing around 100 pounds in the process. As a result, I value high quality products (local + organic, if possible!) and have a deep love and appreciation for small farmers and sustainable agriculture.

I don’t follow any specific diet or lifestyle and I’m not here to put you on a diet, either. In fact, I have a deep disdain for the diet industry and don’t make my food choices based on whether or not society deems them acceptable for women (read: thin women) to eat. But, in general, I tend to gravitate towards food that makes my body feel great, and that’s usually whole, nutrient-dense seasonal food.

What does that mean? Less packaged, processed stuff, more real food and fresh produce.  Does this mean I don’t eat chocolate cake and french fries? No way! I believe in listening to my body and eating the foods that make me feel satisfied. Some days that’s donuts and some days that’s salads, but every day that’s chocolate. 

I work hard to achieve balance in my life, and that includes the recipes I create. You can expect to find plenty of hearty meatless meals, nutrient-dense snacks, and ample baked goods on Baked Greens. And cake, because we all need cake. Have I mentioned I like cake?Maple Olive Oil Banana Cake with Chocolate Avocado Frosting

Also: I am absolutely in love with chocolate and peanut butter. I should probably apologize in advance for posting an obnoxious amount of chocolate & peanut butter recipes here. The same goes for breakfast foods- I just can’t get enough. If left to my own devices I might just eat breakfast for every meal of the day.

When I’m not in my kitchen I love visiting local farms, hiking, weight-lifting, and reading. If I could sit and watch every single sunset for the rest of my life, I would. I am always captivated by the colors, patterns, and slow finality of sunsets. I also really love gardening, but I hate weeding and can’t seem to find a workable way around it. Luckily I live in a valley out in western Massachusetts surrounded by farmland, so fresh, inexpensive local produce is easy to come by. I just moved to the Boston area with my husband and need to become a better gardener, ASAP. 

I truly believe in the power of a great meal, and I hope I can inspire you to get in the kitchen and cook something healthy and delicious!

Much Love,


Want to connect with me? Find me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or send an email to bakedgreensblog@gmail.com with questions and collaboration ideas. I love hearing from you!

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