Weekend Adventures: Trampolines, Massages, and other Anniversary Festivities

Hi Everyone! It feels like forever since I’ve posted about our weekend adventures. Partly because we’ve been busy and/or excessively boring lately, but partly because I’ve been doing lots of things that I’d rather experience than photograph. Either way, I’m happy to be back and sharing some non-food pictures of  life lately! 

This weekend we celebrated our anniversary, and Kevin planned out lots of activities for us. They were supposed to be surprises, but, of course, I correctly guessed what they were before he could actually surprise me. I know, I’m the worst. But, listen: I know what I like, and I know how Kevin thinks. So it’s pretty easy to guess where he’s going to take me. Weekend Adventures: Trampolines, Massages, and other Anniversary Festivities

Saturday morning we slept in and made banana bread waffles for breakfast. Saturday’s surprise was an indoor trampoline park called Bounce!. We’d never been there before, so I guess this one was sort of a surprise. The park had a room that was lined with trampolines, a foam pit room, a trampoline basketball court, two extreme ninja courses, and a few dodgeball rooms. We spent most of our time jumping, but we did try out the ninja courses too. Kevin completed everything he tried, and I walked through a few of the extra challenging obstacles.

If you’re wondering: yes, we were essentially the only adults there jumping on trampolines. The majority of the people there were kids, maybe ages 6-15. The adults were just watching their kids and otherwise being bored on the sidelines. We didn’t care though-it was a lot of fun. 

Kevin bought us two hour passes, and we were both sweaty and exhausted by the end. We tried to take a few pictures before we left, but iPhones aren’t the most adept at capturing bouncing objects. Weekend Adventures: Trampolines, Massages, and other Anniversary Festivities

We got back from Bounce! around 1:30, showered, and went out to lunch at Mesa Verde. Kevin got a steak and black bean quesadilla and I got a roasted veggie burrito bowl. A big, hearty lunch was very welcome after jumping around for hours. On the way back we stopped at Richardson’s Candy Kitchen for some homemade chocolates.Weekend Adventures: Trampolines, Massages, and other Anniversary Festivities

They had a big basket full of these soft, fluffy little hedgehogs. How I resisted buying one is still a mystery to me.

Weekend Adventures: Trampolines, Massages, and other Anniversary FestivitiesWe also stopped at Atlas Farm on the way home for a few dinner ingredients, and I spent a few hours baking and photographing scones for an upcoming blog post. 

We spent the evening catching up on tv shows and made corn chowder for dinner with some of the summer corn in our freezer. 

On Sunday I got up early and went to the gym with Heather, the came home for breakfast with Kevin. We made eggs and cinnamon-sugar toast under the broiler, then I took a shower and ended up napping for like 20 minutes, which is so rare for me to do on a Sunday morning. Kevin left me a poem to read when I woke up, which he’s been doing since we met. This year it was written on a tiny heart post-it and made me laugh, then cry. Weekend Adventures: Trampolines, Massages, and other Anniversary Festivities

Sunday’s surprise was a spa day! We went to Elements in Amherst, and left feeling so, so relaxed. I’m always apprehensive about massages, but we really like the people at Elements. We spent 30 minutes in a hot tub/sauna room, then had a 60-minute couple’s massage. This was my first time having a male massage therapist, and after getting over my initial reaction (Kevin! I can’t believe you told them we could have men massage us! I don’t want some guy rubbing my naked body!), it turned out to be one of the best massages I’ve ever had. The massage therapist was so respectful of my body, and didn’t do anything to make me remotely uncomfortable. When the 60 minutes were up I wished I could just lay there and let him massage me for the rest of the day. 

After the massages we went out to the mall to look for new glasses for Kevin, then came home and made a late lunch. I did a little work on the blog, lounged around, and eventually we went out for dinner. Weekend Adventures: Trampolines, Massages, and other Anniversary Festivities

The first year we were dating, Kevin took me out for hibachi at Goten on our anniversary, and we’ve been going back every year since. We prettymuch always order the same meals: Kevin gets the hibachi filet mignon, and I get the hibachi veggies. Sometimes I order a martini (if I’m feeling adventurous), and he always gets their homemade fruit punch (he’s never feeling adventurous). We both had ice cream at the end (strawberry for him, ginger for me), and we went home feeling full of food and bursting with love. Weekend Adventures: Trampolines, Massages, and other Anniversary Festivities

Weekend Adventures: Trampolines, Massages, and other Anniversary Festivities

After dinner I uploaded all the pictures from the weekend, scheduled this blog post, and we snuggled up on the couch before bed watching Finding Bigfoot, which, apparently is still making new episodes after all these years of not actually finding bigfoot.

In 6 months we celebrate our first wedding anniversary, and I already can’t wait to plan out our weekend together. Something tells me it will include blueberry picking and a hike up Mt. Sugarloaf. You know, if I had to guess. 

I hope your weekends have been full of love and relaxation. I’m spending today doing laundry, grocery shopping, and otherwise getting myself ready for the week ahead. If you have today off, here are a few ideas to get you ready for the week:

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